Our German Beer List - A Short Overview

Our offering includes various rare beers, which you only find in Berlin with us. Unlike other shops in Germany, our assortment of beer is rotating. We get some new beers every month, so that all various German beer styles are present.

We are sorry that we cannot give a full list of our beers, it's just because we only have small amounts of all the special beer which has a short shelf life. If you look for something special, do not hesitate to contact us. Or have a look at out beer list at ratebeer. This list includes our Belgian and Dutch beers too.

Non-filtered beers (Kellerbier) - these beers are not filtered at all. All flavours and healthy ingredients (yeast, enzymes and vitamins) are retained. Non-filtered beers have a shelf live of only six to ten weeks, so stock is low. We offer Hübner, Hetzesldorfer, Huppendorfer, Held, Meister, St. Georgen, Mahr, Weiherer and 50 more brands. Some of these beers come from very small breweries and are usually sold only at the brewery, or in a few shops in the immediate vicinity of the brewery. No wholesaler supplies this beer, we "import" them directly.

Seasonal beers, such as Festbier and Winterbock. These are brewed for special occasions and are only available for a short time.

Altbier is only present in small quantities, but always fresh. Check out details by sending a mail. Changing brands, such as Uerige, Bolten, Schumacher


Our favourite Kölsch is Mühlen-Kölsch from the Brauerei zur Malzmühle in Cologne.

Märzen is strong lager from southern Germany. Up to ten different brands are available, including Alpirsbacher and Wagner from Merkendorf.


Pils is Germany's favourite Beer Style. Our favourites: Waldhaus, Einbecker, Wagner and Pinkus. In total up to 40 different brands.


Helles, mainly from Bavaria, has become popular over the last years in Berlin, specially Augustiner and Tegernsee. We have about 40 different Helles (hell = pale) from Bavaria, including Hofmühl, Schönramer, Schlenkerla and Fässla.


Dunkel is the shop owner's favourite beer style, so the selection is the best in Berlin. All renowned brands are on the shelf: Andechser Export and Held (altfränkisches Bauernbier), Meister from Unterzaunsbach, Krug-Bräu Lager, Ammerndorfer Landbier, Lindenbräu Gräfenberg, Richard-Wagner-Dunkel, Hofmann Hohenschwärz und Nothelfertrunk.


Bock and Doppelbock: No list of German beers is complete without Bock and Doppelbock. These styles are more popular overseas than in Germany. We have Andechser, Korbinian and Vitus from Weihenstephan, Schneider's Hopfenweiße, Rittmayer's Weizenbock and lot of the Bock beers that are made in the Bamberg area in winter and never find there way to America.


Smoke beer: Schlenkerla (incl. Urbock in winter), Spezial, Hummel, Rittmayer, Weiherer, Smokey George, and (lightly smoked) Hartmann Felsentrunk.


Weizen or Weißbier, incl. the award-winning Greif from Forchheim


Schwarzbier like Dingslebener Lava and Aiblinger Schwarzbier.